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A Bride for the Winter King
A Bride for the Winter King (Curse of the Fae Book 2)

Can the Winter King truly love? Or am I doomed to follow his past queens to the grave?

I’m a shadow huntress in dire need of revenge. When a Fae prince asks me to participate in the Yule pageant and spy on the Winter King, I rise to the occasion.

He tells me I’m a ringer for the dead queen, and that I don’t have to win the pageant or get married in the end.

He forgot to mention I’d lose everything in the meantime—including my heart.


My kingdom needs a queen, and so I marry.

Every year I marry, and suffer.

Every year, I lose her all over again.

This endless curse is meant to punish me for what I’ve done, with no hope of release. As the Winter King, death shall never come for me.

Until the ghost of my first love shows up on my doorstep.

This novel is book 2 in the Curse of the Fae series. It’s a full-length fantasy romance with a happy ending, and though it's part of an interconnected series, the romance stands alone.

A dangerous competition sets the stage for this enemies-to-lovers, fated mates romance. Steamy. 18+. Full list of triggers inside.


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