Why the Fever series ruined my honeymoon


Since it’s summer, and I read at lot more during this wonderful season, I want to review a few of my all-time favorite books. All of them are perfect for a nice afternoon under the sun while sipping on iced tea or a tasty sangria.

First one up: The Fever series

Genre: Paranormal Romance. (No, it’s not like Twilight.)

So, why did I claim the Fever series ruined my honeymoon?

It didn’t, but there were a few times when my husband asked why I hadn’t lifted my eyes from the pages in hours. I spent countless hours trapped in the Fever world, so I’ll be billing Ms. Moning for my hotel room in Oahu, and I hope she understands.

But seriously, the Fever series had me hooked by the first chapter. Maybe because I was sunbathing like the main character, or because I have lost someone close too, in the not so distant past. The story got me hook, line and sinker. After I was done with the first book, I thought, this is great, it’s probably a trilogy, I can finish it in no time


The main series is five books long. Five books is usually more than I care to read about the same set of characters, unless it’s as epic as Harry Potter or Star Wars, and I’m happy to add the Fever series to this list.

I got hooked on Barrons.

The sexual tension throughout the books is to die for, so much in fact that at some point, I didn’t care about V’lane or anyone else. Barrons was my new God, and I wanted to beat Mac over the head with a club for not trusting him. I heard people say Mac is a Mary Sue, or annoying, or shallow, but I disagree. Her character arc is one of the most impressive thing about the series, and I love that she messes up. The resolution of the murder mystery plot was also incredible and not cliché at all.

Now I’m not saying these books are 100% perfect, but they were as perfect as can be. If I nitpick, I’d say I found Mac’s distrust of Barrons hard to swallow sometimes, and I didn’t enjoy the POV switching to Dani. I SO wanted to know who’d killed Alina and read a MAC-Barron sex scene that I became impatient with the sub-plots, but, when I re-read the series, these things didn’t bother me anymore.

It’s a wonderful thing when you find a series of book that speaks to you this much. It’s even more impressive when a series retains the magic for so many books.

My husband bought me the entire series in paperback, with the new Feverborn, so he forgave my obsession and is even feeding it. Can’t wait to re-read the entire series on paper this summer.

What about you? Which sexy character derailed your daily life?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Barrons is waiting…